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"I have known and worked with Milt for the past year on two different projects. The first project was the complete rewrite of the website for a nonprofit called Special Populations Tennis. As Treasurer, I was responsible for the coordination of resources and for the eventual content. We provided Milt with general concepts and layout ideas, but relied on him to use his knowledge of our organization and his web design expertise to deliver a superior final product. Not only did Milt do a great job with me, but has worked tirelessly and selflessly for our small nonprofit long before I got involved.

To make it more challenging, I asked Milt to complete it in 4 days...

Because of my positive experience working with Milt on the Special Pops website, I asked him to build my own personal business website. To make it more challenging, I asked Milt to complete it in 4 days because of a commitment I made to a business partner. I provided Milt content ideas and verbiage, but relied on him to build it from scratch. The end result was exactly what I was hoping for and he was able to meet my crazy deadline.

I have always found Milt easy to work with and no question or problem seemed too small for him. He certainly does not work banker’ hours and will do virtually anything to get the job done on time. He clearly is an expert in all phases of web design.

I heartily recommend Milt for any web related project that you may have. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering using Milt. You can reach me either or by phone, 770-674-3586."

Bill Cobb, President, Scheduling Systems Group

"I had very specific desires about what I wanted on my new website, but I'm not technically oriented. I didn't think I did a very good job of communicating my ideas in my first meeting with Milt Webb. I remember thinking: how is he going to make sense of what I'm saying? The most surprising skill Milt displayed is that he was very good about pulling out of me exactly what I wanted.

Milt did an outstanding job!

When he showed me his first design ideas, I was shocked - he managed to capture everything I wanted. And, with his background as a photographer, he selected unique, beautiful photographs for my site, instead of the old stock photos that everyone in my line of business seems to use. My new site is very fresh, very exciting, and easy to navigate. Milt did an outstanding job!"

Atlanta Business Owner

"It is so nice to meet a high-tech guru with the capacity to communicate creatively with people. Milt Webb provides webmaster services for my financial planning business. His technical expertise, combined with his creative abilities, is unusual and unsurpassed.

It's so easy to work with him: when I need something done, he does it, without a problem. He's very responsive and very reliable. Some of my financial planning clients are small businesses or nonprofits, and when they mention their websites, I recommend Milt with complete confidence. I tell them, 'Do yourself a favor and work with Milt Webb.'"

Bobbie Munroe, Financial Planner

"Your contribution to the success of UFWDA is beyond words. Thank you for playing such an integral part of moving UFWDA to a world-renowned organization. Our web site is truly the cornerstone of our success!"

C. Boucher, Attorney

"Working with Milt has been refreshing. I feel that he listens to me and understands my business needs, then goes above and beyond to find solutions. As a completely online business, Milt has created the face of DIY Pesticides that my customers see. From registering my domain name and creating a logo to product photographing and providing web hosting. The complete package. Milt is not just a vendor, he is an integral part of my business."

Dave Logan, International 4WD Trainer

"...Milt brings together the unique qualities of a tasteful artistic sense with very strong technical abilities. Other web site development shops usually split these traits and skills across different people. Not only does Milt's work look good, his work functions exactly as we want it to. It is very nice to be able to find a person who can bring both of these desired skill areas together as well as Milt does..."

Mark J. Sikorski

"It's hard to find someone with both an eye for design and great coding skills. Milt was adept at both and we are totally delighted with the work he did for us. And as an added bonus - he is so easy to work with."

Steve Vicinanza

"Before using Milt Webb Design, our 60% web sales rate seemed unbeatable. Yet one target eluded us – the technical and engineering community. After a complete artistic overhaul by Milt Webb Design, Internet sales to the technical sector rose 30% within weeks. The increase in response began the day the new design went on-line."

S.E. Reager, CEO