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Whether you need a website to market your business, a custom web application to manage a business process, or simply update your existing site, Milt Webb Design can provide the service you need. All work is performed in-house - never outsourced or shipped overseas. Check my resources page for other services provided by reputable partners, such as Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, etc.

Websites, New or Re-Design

Simple, complex, brochure, database-driven dynamic content, or a single splash or landing page - these are just a few of the types of websites I can create for your business. Whether your starting a new business, or just need to refresh your current website, I can handle the project from beginning to end. Contact me for more information.

Responsive Design

Your website will look good on any device, from large desktop monitors to smartphones. No need for a separate mobile website, one is all you need.

Writing & Content Development

Professional copy writing is available from a network of talented experts. Services include planning, public relations, marketing and project management. Contact me for more information.

Blogs / Social Networking

Need to add a blog, Facebook or Twitter to promote your business. More and more, companies are promoting their Facebook page as a primary web destination. This can be a very powerful tool if your demographic is the Facebook crowd.


Volusion eCommerce Solutions If you would like to sell products online, you need a reliable, secure eCommerce solution, I highly recommend you take a look at Volusion. They can provide everything you need to sell products online with a commercial, reliable service.

Site Maintenance

Also known as the Webmaster Service. Available for any website - not just sites I create. If your site needs regular updates, content revisions, photos added or anything else changed, let me know. Changes are typically made within 48 hours and the service is billed in 15 minute increments at the end of each month. Give me a call to discuss your particular needs.

Pricing Information

We believe each client and project is unique. This makes it difficult to publish standard rates for our services. It's a little like building a house...until the size, requirements and features are known, it's not possible to provide the actual cost.

As a point of reference, typical prices are as follows:

  • Single landing pages, HTML email template: $400 and up
  • Simple, brochure sites (3-4 pages): $1,900 and up
  • Standard sites (4-20 pages): $2,600 and up
  • Database driven sites, web applications: $4,800 and up
  • Web forms (with data validation, CAPTCHA): $200* and up
    (* actual price depends on number of fields and complexity)
  • Maintenance, Programming, Database design: $100 per hour

For a proposal on your next project, or just information please contact me today.